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Mental Health - Tools for Stability


Have you got your copy of Tools for Stability? Check it out at your library or purchase a copy for yourself, family member or friend.

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View the Tools for Stability video. Select this link

The Tools for Stability book is composed of tools that Melva has learned, not necessarily from doctors, but by her experiences. She wanted people to learn quickly what has taken her 25 years to learn. It comprises anger management, stress management, how to work with doctors, how to deal with medications, tips on saving money, how to find a compatible roommate, many other tools to survive in a troubled world, plus her experiences with having bipolar. It can not only help people with mental illness, but anyone that wants to improve their mental attitude and their relationships.

Reading the book, Tools for Stability, was a fascinating journey from another person's vantage point as they experience life with a condition many people have. Tools for Stability is a valuable teaching book for psychologist in training themselves and their clients, for people with family and friends that could gain a compassionate viewpoint which would lead to understanding what someone is going through. Tools for Stability will assist people going through a similar circumstance to know they are not alone. Tools for Stability opened me up to realize how close we all are to possibly shifting into another world from the one we may be experiencing this day. Melva tells a vulnerable story in an elegant and straightforward way. We can learn about people around us, people we experience in the grocery stores, common areas, family and friends and gain more insight and show more kindness around this process to others. Reading Melva's book will no doubt be a useful professional psychology book. I believe strongly practitioners, hospitals and universities could benefit from Melva's work. The book Tools, is a positive book and perhaps life roadmap for people who are experiencing some similar situations. Melva herself shares a positive outcome in her own successful life letting others be aware they too, can recover. Melva was courageous to write and share this book and did it so well.

Respectfully, Marilyn P - Medical Intuitive, Hypnotherapist, and Advocate of Independent Living for people with Disabilities

To order Melva's book visit:;;


Mental Health Community Resources


For people with mental health related disabilities there are Self-help centers which offer help, classes, activities and employment. The following is a list of some of the resources in our community.

Buckelew 707-571-5581, 144 South E Street, Ste 200, Santa Rosa

Interlink 707-546-4481, 1033 4th St. Santa Rosa (Self-help center)

Manzanita Services 707-463-0400, 270 North Pine St. Ukiah (Self-help center)

NAMI Sonoma County (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) 707-527-6655, 1300 N Dutton Ave., Ste A, Santa Rosa. NAMI gives support, as well as classes and other information for both people with mental disabilities and their family members.

People Empowering People 707-259-8692, 2261 Elm St. Trailer N, Napa (Self-help center)

Russian River Empowerment Center 707-604-7264, 16229 3rd St. Guerneville (Self-help center)

Wellness & Advocacy Center 707-565-7800, 3400 Chanate Rd. Santa Rosa (Self-help center)

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