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Independent Living and Disability Links

The internet is a fantastic resource of information for people with disabilities. This links list is by no means all-inclusive, but it is a good sampling of websites that provide extensive information and/or links resources.


  • ABLEDATA provides objective information about assistive technology products and rehabilitation equipment available from domestic and international sources.


  • is the Web site for Florida Governor's Working Group on the Americans with Disabilities (ADAWG). The mission of the ADA Working Group will be to provide information, referrals, education, and recommendations for compliance and implementation of the ADA and other disability rights laws in order to increase the independence and quality of life for citizens of Florida with disabilities.

Access-Able Travel Source

  • Provides information about accessible travel, disability travel and mature travel.

The Access Board

  • A Federal agency devoted to accessibility for persons with disabilities. Includes links to all the Federal laws, as well as the accessibility guidelines and standards.


  • The online connection for amputees with active lifestyles.

ADA Certification of State Accessibility Requirements

  • Certification of a state accessibility code also allows business owners, builders, developers, and architects to rely on their state or local plan approval and building inspection processes for assistance with ADA compliance through the implementation of certified accessibility requirements. This site provides information about this process.

ADA Document Portal

  • U.S. Department of Education website consists of a searchable database of over 7,400 documents related to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

ADA Home Page

  • U.S. Department of Justice information and technical assistance on the Americans with Disabilities Act.

ADA Watch

  • ADA Watch is a project of the National Coalition for Disability Rights, an alliance of hundreds of disability, civil rights, and social justice organizations united to defend and promote the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the human rights of children and adults with physical, mental, cognitive and developmental disabilities.


  • We are fighting so people with disabilities can live in the community with real supports instead of being locked away in nursing homes and other institutions.

Adaptive Environments

  • Adaptive Environments promotes accessibility as well as universal design through education programs, technical assistance, training, consulting, publications and design advocacy. Its mission is to promote, facilitate, and advocate for international adoption of policies and designs that enable every individual, regardless of disability or age, to participate fully in all aspects of society.

Alliance for Technology Access

  • The Alliance for Technology Access (ATA) is the national network of community-based Resource Centers, Developers, Vendors, and Associates dedicated to providing information and support services to children and adults with disabilities, and increasing their use of standard, assistive, and information technologies.

Almanac of Policy Issues - Disability

  • Almanac of Disability Issues

American Association of Adaptive Sports Programs

  • Mission is to enhance the health, independence and future economic self-sufficiency of youths with physical disabilities by facilitating a national disabled sports movement, assisting communities in creating the best member programs possible for physically disabled youth electing to compete in team and individual sports on a local, regional and national level.

American Association of People with Disabilities

  • AAPD is the largest national nonprofit cross-disability member organization in the United States, dedicated to ensuring economic self-sufficiency and political empowerment for the more than 56 million Americans with disabilities. AAPD works in coalition with other disability organizations for the full implementation and enforcement of disability nondiscrimination laws, particularly the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

  • A resource for assistive technology (AT) and a link to a wide variety of AT and disability-related information. Their searchable database of AT is designed to help target solutions, determine costs and link to vendors that sell products.

AT Network

  • California's AT Network is dedicated to expanding the accessibility of tools, resources and technology that will help increase independence, improve personal productivity and enhance the quality of life for all Californians.


  • Axistive Assistive Technology News Portal offers free news, articles, product review and all product and vendor information assistive technology devices.

The Boulevard - Disability Resource Center

  • An extensive directory of products and services for people with disabilities, elderly, caregivers, and Healthcare professionals. Resources include information on assistive devices for daily livinThe California Courts Online Self-Help Center will help you find assistance and information, work better with an attorney, and represent yourself in some legal matters. Type in people with disabilities' for some links that are of particular interestg, accessible housing, adaptive computer equipment and software, bathroom aids, on-line shopping, etc.

California Courts Self-Help Center

  • The California Courts Online Self-Help Center will help you find assistance and information, work better with an attorney, and represent yourself in some legal matters. Type in people with disabilities' for some links that are of particular interest

California Disability Access

  • This site provides information and links on the major laws, regulations and areas of interest regarding disability rights and access for Californians with disabilities.

California Foundation for Independent Living Centers

  • The purpose of the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers (CFILC) is to collaborate with and increase the capacity of California's Independent Living Centers to create access and integration for people with disabilities. CFILC's mission is to support independent living centers in their local communities through advocating for systems change and promoting access and integration for people with disabilities. CFILC is a statewide, non-profit organization made up of more than two dozen Independent Living Centers. Through unified action, CFILC envisions civil rights for all people with disabilities.
  • Click to go to the web page that lists the affiliated California Independent Living Centers and their web sites and office locations

California Secretary of State Bruce McPherson - Know Your Voting Rights

  • A page devoted to the voting needs of people with disabilities.

The Center for an Accessible Society

  • A communications clearing house providing journalists credible information and quotable sources on national disability policies and independent living issues.

Center for the Study and Advancement of Disability Policy

  • The Center for the Study and Advancement of Disability Policy (CSADP) provides public education, leadership development and training, technical assistance and information dissemination, and conducts action-research and analysis of public policy issues affecting individuals with disabilities and their families.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

  • The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is a Federal agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services which administers the Medicare Program. Currently, Medicare, provides coverage to approximately 40 million Americans. Of current interest is the information about Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center

  • The Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center (PRC) promotes the health and well-being of people living with paralysis and their families by providing comprehensive information resources and referral services. There are links to streaming videos from the home page. One is to an excellent 10 minute video about Independent Living.
  • The Christopher & Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center (PRC) premieresfive short films on These are the first of a series of educational films produced by the center.

Click on the bold title below to view the video:

  • behind the scenes at the secondSpinal Cord Symposiumheld in Boston. (16:07--duration)

    Spinal Cord Symposium

  • a take on whatQuality of Lifemeans to different people impacted by paralysis.(13:11--duration)

    Quality of Life

  • anOverview of the PRCwith interviews of people associated with the center, including founder Dana Reeve. (13:12--duration)

    Overview of the PRC

  • a report on ways to operate aComputer Hands-Free, using such technology as voice activated software, head mice and mouth sticks. (11:51--duration)

    Computer Hands-Free

  • a look at the history and utility ofIndependent Living Centers. (09:48--duration)

City of Santa Rosa ADA Information

  • The City of Santa Rosa's Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) web page.

Concrete Change

  • Whatever you call it... accessible, universal design, life-time homes, adaptable, visitable... ...this site is about working together for basic access in ALL homes.

Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities

  • The Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities is a coalition of approximately 100 national disability organizations working together to advocate for national public policy that ensures the self determination, independence, empowerment, integration and inclusion of children and adults with disabilities in all aspects of society.

Department of Justice Americans with Disabilities Act Home Page

  • Information and technical assistance on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Disability Advocacy Work With Networking

  • Disability Advocacy Work With Networking supplies information to help you self advocate. What is found on these pages are links to guide you to sources you can use to your own benefit and any people you know who would like to have it.

Disability Awareness in the United States, U.S. Dept of State

  • This site is produced and maintained by the U.S. Department of State's Office of International Information Programs

Disability Benefits 101

  • Disability Benefits 101 (DB101) helps workers, job seekers, and service providers understand the connections between work and benefits. DB101 brings together rules for health coverage, benefit, and employment programs that people with disabilities use. These programs may be administered by the state, the federal government, or private organizations; here, they are discussed under one roof, in plain language.

Disability Related Products/Resources

  • An extensive listing of resources related to assistive devices and products for independent living, medical supplies, recreational interests, grocery delivery services, etc.

Disability, Service & Culture Issues, a selected bibliography by Bob L. Dunlap II

  • This selected bibliography presents works which illustrate the complex issues involved in serving library patrons with disabilities. My hope is that many of these works from outside library literature will encourage you to see people with disabilities as people rather than as yet another population to be served.

The Disability Rights Activist

  • The Disability Rights Activist brings together information needed to enable anyone interested in the rights of disabled people to work for those rights.

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Inc.

  • Founded in 1979 by people with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities, the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Inc. (DREDF) is a national law and policy center dedicated to protecting and advancing the civil rights of people with disabilities through legislation, litigation, advocacy, technical assistance, and education and training of attorneys, advocates, persons with disabilities, and parents of children with disabilities.

Disability Social History Project

  • The Disability History Project is a community history project and we welcome your participation. This is an opportunity for disabled people to reclaim our history and determine how we want to define ourselves and our struggles. People with disabilities have an exciting and rich history that should be shared with the world. Please email or mail us anything that you would like to see become part of the Disability Social History Project, including your disabled heroes, important events in disability history, and resources.

Disability World

  • A bi-monthly web-zine of international disability news and views

Disabled Peoples' International

  • Disabled Peoples' International is a network of national organizations or assemblies of disabled people, established to promote human rights of disabled people through full participation, equalization of opportunity and development.

Disabled Sports USA

  • A national nonprofit organization established in 1967 by disabled Vietnam veterans to serve the war injured. DS/USA now offers nationwide sports rehabilitation programs to anyone with a permanent physical disability.

DND Press - Home of the Disability Resource Library

  • This comprehensive collection of disability related documents and links provides a single, categorized, indexed, and fully searchable source for professionals who need quick and easy access to major disability laws and guidance.

Duxbury Systems

  • Duxbury Systems specializes in software for braille with Windows, Macintosh, DOS, and UNIX programs.

Friends House Santa Rosa

  • Friends House is composed of four closely interrelated programs for the older person's health and well-being: independent living apartments and houses, an adult day care center, an assisted living facility, and a skilled nursing facility.

Inclusion Research Institute

  • The primary purpose of the Inclusion Research Institute (IRI) is to develop, research, and disseminate educational, therapeutic, and technological innovations that enable persons of all ages, including individuals with disabilities or other disadvantages to be independent, productive and included in schools, communities, and places of employment. A World of Resources for persons with disabilities, senior citizens, and >the chronically ill or injured. Assistance available for those who >provide care, health needs, education, and support. Includes: easy-to-use >directories, articles, news, care-provider training materials, and >consulting services.

Independent Life Resources

  • A world of resources for persons with disabilities, senior citizens, and the chronically ill or injured. Assistance available for those who provide care, health needs, education, and support. Includes: easy-to-use directories, articles, news, care-provider training materials, and consulting services.

Independent Living Research Utilization at TIRR

  • A national research and dissemination center related to Independent Living Centers. Includes a directory of ILCs throughout the Country and other disability information.

Institute on Independent Living

  • Serves self-help organizations of disabled people who work for equal opportunities, self-determination and self-respect. We offer training materials, technical assistance and information on personal assistance, advocacy, access, legislation and peer support.

International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet

  • The Center collects and presents best practices in areas related to disability and accessibility issues, including disability-related Internet resources. These resources are presented in a manner that is accessible to the widest user audience.

Lake County (California) Government

  • Lake County Proactive Public Service web page.

Mendocino County Community Resource Directory

  • Comprehensive directory of government agencies and non-profit organizations in Mendocino County.


  • A searchable, easy-to-use database of community services available to Napa county residents created by the Napa Superior Court in collaboration with the Napa Valley Coalition of Non-Profit Agencies.

National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy

  • NARPA exists to expose abuse, to shed light on coercive and dangerous practices, and to promote real alternatives to a mental health system that even professionals agree is a disgrace. Read about the history of mental health advocacy, and check out the ADA Case of the Week archives, and more.

National Braille Press

  • National Braille Press is a nonprofit braille printing and publishing house established in 1927. Please take a few minutes and look us over!

National Center on Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities

  • The National Center on Emergency Planning for People with Disabilities is focused on helping ensure that all individuals are included in the development of and inclusion in plans for protection from both natural and man-made emergencies. In almost all cases, emergency planning, including evacuations and sheltering during natural disasters, attacks of terrorism, industrial and highway accidents has not taken into consideration the communication, transportation and medical needs of persons with disabilities, and other special populations.

National Center On Workforce and Disability/Adult

  •'s goal is to present current policies and regulations in a user-friendly manner. NCWD does not develop policy, nor is it the final interpreter of a policy or regulation. Rather, through its research, outreach, and training, NCWD hopes to inform the policy development process and to share existing policy and regulation with interested parties. Issues addressed in NCWD articles frequently include policy and regulation associated with the Workforce Investment Act and the Ticket to Work.

National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth

  • NCWD/Youth is a source for information about employment and youth with disabilities. Our partners experts in disability, education, employment, and workforce development strive to ensure you will be provided with the highest quality, most relevant information available.

National Council on Disability

  • The National Council on Disability (NCD) is an independent federal agency making recommendations to the President and Congress on issues affecting 54 million Americans with disabilities. NCD is composed of 15 members appointed by the President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. In its 1986 report Toward Independence, NCD first proposed that Congress should enact a civil rights law for people with disabilities. In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law. NCD's overall purpose is to promote policies, programs, practices, and procedures that guarantee equal opportunity for all individuals with disabilities, regardless of the nature or severity of the disability; and to empower individuals with disabilities to achieve economic self-sufficiency, independent living, and inclusion and integration into all aspects of society.

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities

  • NICHCY is here to share information about disabilities in children and youth.

National Resource Center on Supportive and Home Modification

  • A university-based, non-profit organization dedicated to promote aging in place and independent living for persons of all ages and abilities.

North Bay Employment Connection

  • Linking people to business and business to people.

Proyecto Vision

  • A bilingual web site for Latinos with disabilities.

Ragged Edge Magazine

  • Ragged Edge magazine is successor to the award-winning periodical, The Disability Rag. In Ragged Edge, and on this website, you'll find the best in today's writing about society's ragged edge issues: medical rationing, genetic discrimination, assisted suicide, long-term care, attendant services. We cover the disability experience in America -- what it means to be a crip living at the start of the 21st century.

Reaching Out to Customers with Disabilities

  • As a business owner or operator, or someone thinking about opening a business, you may have wondered what you have to do to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This course explains how the ADA applies to businesses in ten short lessons. Putting these lessons into practice will allow you to comply with the ADA and welcome a whole new group of customers to purchase your goods, products, and services. And you may find that making your business more accessible and welcoming to people with disabilities is not as difficult as you thought.

Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Spinal Cord Injury

  • The Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Spinal Cord Injury: Promoting Health and Preventing Complications through Exercise website will provide you with useful information on spinal cord injury and the prevention of secondary conditions through exercise and physical activity. .

Research and Training Center on Independent Living

  • RTCIL's mission is to enhance independent living for all by working with consumers, providing quality research, and widely disseminating effective and relevant products.

Resources for Improving the Accessibility of Your Computer and the Internet

  • The primary content of this web site is a multi-page description of programs run by the Sudbury Senior Center.

Right of Way

  • Right of Way is a Sonoma County support group dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of persons with Spinal Cord Injuries. We emphasize physical fitness, with the goal of establishing a physically and financially accessible exercise program for the SCI population.

RTC: Rural

  • The U.S. Department of Education funds the Research and Training Center on Rural Rehabilitation Services. Rural Americans with disabilities and those who serve them experience problems with access to transportation and housing, employment and self-employment, independent living services, health and wellness facilities, and inclusion in community planning and activities. Our goal is to use scientific methods to develop solutions to these wide-ranging problems.

Save In-Home Support Services

  • Senator Don Perata (D - Oakland) sponsors this site as part of his effort to convince the governor to restore the money to sustain In-Home Supportive Services.

Social Security Administration

  • The official website of the Social Security Administration

Social Security eNews

  • The simplest, most convenient way for you to keep up with the latest Social Security developments.

Sonoma County Asthma Coalition

  • Sonoma County Asthma Coalition works to identify and share resources and to strengthen various organization's response to asthma issues.

Spinal Cord Injury Information

  • An extensive resource of information related to spinal cord injury and applicable to other physical disabilities too. Resources included information on home access modifications, adaptive devices, medical concerns, rehabilitation facilities and associations, publications, and other relevant information.

State of California Olmstead Page

  • This website explains the state's efforts at implementing Olmstead mandated community living.

Steve Gold ADA

  • This website offers tools on how to enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act, and much more. I am an attorney located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Information is POWER. I am placing in my archive the best bits of information that I can find to help you to change the world.

Suite101 - Disabilities

  • Suite101 Disabilities helps explore the net and provide with news and resources that will help make a difference in the way you deal with your disability. The information you'll find here will not be disability specific, but of general information that would benefit any disabled Internet surfer.

TASH - The Action Starts Here

  • TASH is an international association of people with disabilities, their family members, other advocates, and professionals fighting for a society in which inclusion of all people in all aspects of society is the norm.

  • Youth with intellectual disabilities have not had many chances to go to college. This is changing as individuals across the country begin to create opportunities for these youth to reap the benefits of postsecondary education. This website will provide information and links to anyone interested in finding out more about the possibilities.

Through The Looking Glass

  • Providing direct services, training, materials and research concerning families in which a child, parent or grandparent has a disability or medical issue.

Vicitims of Crime with Disabilities Resource Guide

  • Searchable database of products and services focusing on victims of crime with disabilities.

World Committee on Disability

  • The World Committee on Disability is the international arm of the National Organization on Disability, a U.S. non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. N.O.D. founded the World Committee in 1985 to reinforce and strengthen the work of the United Nations in implementing worldwide the U.N. World Programme of Action Concerning Disabled Persons.

The World Institute on Disability

  • WID is a nonprofit research, training and public policy center promoting the civil rights and the full societal inclusion of people with disabilities.