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Deaf Services

The Deaf Services Program provides services and advocacy for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing communities in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Lake counties. The program seeks to enhance general community awareness of deaf and hard of hearing issues, such as communication, culture, education, and language. All three DSLC offices (Santa Rosa, Napa and Ukiah) have video-conferencing equipment to allow Deaf Services staff to meet with consumers and clients in our branch offices.

DSLC's Deaf Services Program provides:

  • Advocacy to protect and advance the legal rights of deaf, deaf-blind, hard of hearing children and adults, and adults deafened later in life.
  • Communication assistance through document translation, information, and demonstration of assistive devices, referrals to interpreters and/or Computer Aided Real Time (CART) services.
  • A Deaf Library containing books and videotapes that can be loaned to the general public. Deaf and hard of hearing accessibility equipment is also available on loan.
  • Independent living skills, including individual and group training and assistance with budgeting, health, family, transportation, education and housing issues.
  • Information and referrals to community services and agencies.
  • A program featuring monthly social gatherings of Kids of Deaf Adults (KODA) and Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) to encourage the preservation of, and celebrate their pride in Deaf culture and heritage.
  • Peer Counseling offering one-on-one counseling for everyday problems and crisis situations.

Sharon Dawson, DSLC's Deaf Services Coordinator has been involved in the Deaf Community in Sonoma County for the past twenty years as an advocate for accessibility in all areas of life pertaining to the enhancement of integrity within the Deaf Community.

Deaf herself, Sharon has a Ph.D. in Sociology of Deafness and an M.A. in Special Education for the Deaf. She has served as a job developer for Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons, Case Manager for a Regional Center for persons with Developmental Disabilities, and has been a state credentialed teacher for the Deaf and Hard Hearing.

If you require an interpreter for a DSLC appointment, please let Sharon know at least 3 days before your appointment.

Sharon is in our Santa Rosa office Monday through Wednesday.

Contact Sharon Dawson for information about Deaf Services:

(707) 528-2745 ext. 316 (thru relay)

(707) 528-2151 (TTY)

(866) 765-6218 (voice/VP)

Deaf vs. deaf

Deaf Services provides services to deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind and deafened individuals and their families and friends. deaf with a lower-case 'd' acknowledges inclusion of these communities. Deaf with an upper-case 'D' denotes a specific community that is proud of its uniqueness, has deep cultural roots, and has its own language, American Sign Language.

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